What can I say? My full name is Amira Mersit. I know you’re wondering where that awkward name originates from; it’s Arabic and Amira means princess. My dad is Libyan (controversial I know) and my mum is Scottish and they met one fateful night which then in turn ultimately created the miracle that is me. I actually know for a fact that I wasn’t actually created this particular night, because I’m actually a “test tube baby” or technically speaking; a person formed through the IVF process (nice interesting fact there)

Other “interesting” facts include the fact that 80% of the day, i’m playing with my hair (the other 20% i’m sleeping), I feel naked if I don’t have nail varnish on, my ideal snack is a cup of tea and buttered cream crackers, my vice is vanilla candles, I’m a very bad sleeper (it’s 6am and I’m writing this) and I’m one of those people who needs to spend a lot of time by myself otherwise it drives me crazy being surrounded by people and having to make an effort Β to converse all the time.

I find it hard to want to commit to a proper job because I hate the idea of being tied down somewhere, so instead I work within the nightclub industry which is more easy-going; doing PR’ing here and there, cash desk work and I’m currently working as a cocktail waitress serving the disgustingly rich champagne with a sparkler coming out the top whilst scantily dressed.

I’m originally from Edinburgh and aged 18 I moved to Aberdeen to study Fashion Management at Robert Gordon University which has been the best hasty decision of my life.

Music wise – I’m completely in love with Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, Foster The People, The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club, The XX, Friendly Fires, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Naked and Famous Β (if that helps you to build a picture)

Another fact is that I completely believe in fate and karma and all that other shit,Β it helps me get through my day and I tell myself everyday to not make time for anyone who doesn’t have any time for me.


If you wish to contact me for a particular reason or just to say hello;

Email: miss_mersit@hotmail.co.uk

Tumblr: day-dreamingoflights.tumblr.com

Twitter: @amiramersit



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