My Lecturer Told Me To Write This


So I haven’t written in aggggges; my only excuses are that i’ve been working and partying too much! I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about either of my London trips yet…

So I went to London a couple of weeks ago with 6 of my friends for a couple of nights, we stayed in Covent Garden – just a whirlwind of shopping and drinking… so i cant complain! Here’s some pictures to save me going on a massive ramble of what we did… (disposable cameras were used – my new love!)



^ wine… of course!



^ just drinking on the tube as you do


^ my new addiction!

So there’s a little taste what happened on LDN#1, since i’d come back I received my grades for my first semester work, i did well with an overall A,B and C and particularly pleased with my magazine receiving a percentage of 89% when 70% is an A… so all the effort was worth it! This blog was also graded very well with an encouragement note for me to keep it up… so here i am!

ALSO very exciting news; i got offered a place to go and study abroad in Canada in 3rd year! Very pleased to say the least and naturally I accepted the offer!

So I went back to London again on Wednesday with my uni course, there were 60 of us so it was pretty hectic! We pretty much did the same as last time, bit of sight seeing, drinking, shopping… made far too many purchases this time though! We did go to London Fashion Weekend as well which was at the gorgeous Somerset House, I didn’t buy anything although I got my hair done at Toni and Guy and got my hair into a middle parting finally!ImageImageImageImage

^ Just some of my recent purchases!

Anyway here’s some pictures from my recent visit… 


I’ve got to run off to work now, have a lovely weekend! xx


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