Back to the “Routine”

Haven’t blogged in a while…my life hasn’t quite been exciting enough! It can only be described in 3 words; sleeping, eating and working – not exactly thrilling! However work on Saturday night wasn’t too bad as I managed to sell a bottle of Cristal champagne (£300) and then my boss let me drink some with the guys as well as some Dom Perignon champagne (£145)… it had to be downed out the bottle though so that my other colleagues didn’t catch me. I’m never going to say I hate my job again!

Today was my first day back at uni and I gathered 2 pieces of good news;

+ I got a B (3 marks off an A!!) for my retail coursework. I got an A for the other part of the module so no doubt going to get a B overall!

+ ANDD… myself and Caroline were held behind our lecture today for our tutor to tell us that she had chose us personally to take on board a styling job for a local magazine in Aberdeen called Trend. Just makes such a difference when you get chosen to do something like this, makes you feel like all your efforts are really going to go towards something! Not 100% sure of all the details, no doubt I’ll blog with excitement when I gather them!

click here if you fancy a sneak  peek at the magazine online!

We also got emailled about the opportunity to style another shoot for the newspaper we worked with in November however we’ll be in Edinburgh and en-route London so we had to regretfully pass on the offer!

I’ve got so many plans this week;

+ Uni tomorrow and most likely the gym (ugh)

+ Wednesday – Seeing “The Decendants”, going for a Pizza Express and then going to a vintage pop-up shop which’ll have drinks and a dj and then work…

+ Thursday I’m going out to my favourite club night ever to let go of a bit of steam

+ and then working and packing until Sunday when I’m having a meal at home with the Edinburgh girls!

Click here for the website of the online vintage store, it’s called Haggard Case and it’s an Aberdonian brand so check it out!


Life is really exciting at the moment, so many things to look forward to!

The only problem is finding stuff to wear to London! Having major panic attacks here… however I’m sure Topshop Oxford Street will help us out!

Unless anything exciting happens, my next blog post may not be until after London, so be prepared for an essay! Have a good week!



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