I Decided To Write A Blog Post

Considering that I haven’t written in over a week… I should really stick to my resolution and write something; I really haven’t done much since I last posted. I started my job properly, it’s been pretty good so far but since everyone is penny-less after the Christmas period, the club has been completely dead so most nights I’ve been sent home early which hasn’t been too bad! The owner of the club was in last night, this was the first time I had met him, and being me… I knocked his bottle of Grey Goose vodka over. Absolutely horrified doesn’t cover it! The bad thing however about working in a nightclub is that after your shift (which usually ends at like 3/4am) you are craving chips! The “establishment” that is on my way home also do poppadoms and mango chutney which is my downfall so it’s just impossible to refuse! My unhealthy eating also leads on to the fact that I’ve started back up at the gym again… “starting back up” basically meaning that I went two days in a row after not going for around 6 months, overworked and injured myself. I’m not joking; walking and sleeping are painful activities and working in a job where you have to wear heels 3 nights a week completely sober really doesn’t help!

On a much brighter note however, I did treat myself to a pair of new shoes. I used the excuse to myself that I have a new job and I need a new pair of shoes to wear to my new job… but we’ve all made excuses like that before ourselves so don’t judge me! A few of my friends have pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I’m insanely jealous, however my budget doesn’t stretch to £100+ & overseas delivery from America, so I opted for a pair of copies from Missguided. They were only £40.99 plus £3.95 for delivery and I sneakily Googled for a 10% off code so I basically got the delivery free!

However, I missed the delivery at the flat on Thursday, had to wait until Saturday to pick them up from the Post Office, they weren’t even there yet – so now I have to wait until Monday. Total nightmare! 

On a sadder note, a family friend passed away earlier this week. He was a neighbour that lived next door with his wife and they used to look after their grandaughter during the week so I began to babysit her from time to time. Anyway we were really close and the couple even took me on holiday, they moved away and the woman died a couple of years ago which wasn’t a nice way to spend the period around my eighteenth birthday and that’s now her husband passed away the other day. I can’t travel down for the funeral because of work so its a pretty shitty time!

And another rubbishy note is that I’m not able to travel home for one of my best friends 21st next weekend because of work! Think I need to put on some crocodile tears for the boss!

Also need to post about my new obsession, Lana Del Rey. The girl is absolutely, completely gorgeous and has such an amazing voice, but I can’t deny that it took me a few listens to get into her! She describes herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” which typically isn’t my genre but she’s just irresistible.

Hope everyone’s had a good weekend



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