Procrastination At Its Finest

So… I’ve got a report to do for Monday that i’m about 50% of the way through and an exam on Wednesday which i have absolutely no clue about whatsoever (no exaggeration) so when’s a better time than now to write a pointless blog post about my life? A post that only potential stalkers will be interested in… (however a lot of drunken people do admit/let it slip to me that they look up my blog in the form of “so did you get that watch then?” , “how did you know about the watch?” , oh…”)

So since New Years Eve I haven’t done a lot, well unless you call sitting around my my pyjamas watching daytime TV fascinating…

I went out on Tuesday night however, battling through the winds of Hurricane Bawbag II (you’ll learn if you haven’t already that nothing stops me from going on a night out). My friends and I went to our “local” nightclub in the sense being that we religiously used to go every Tuesday at every opportunity possible since we turned 18.

Β One of my best friends Kirsty was even voted “Miss Enigma” of the club night which meant that she was a promotional model for the club night, got in free every week and got all the perks (which always included us naturally…). Anyway, I kind of ruined the whole experience for her by slagging her rotten about it; getting drunk and requesting songs for her and getting the DJ to shout out “Miss Enigma”, getting drunk and getting the whole club to sing Happy Birthday to “Miss Enigma”, getting “Miss Enigma” printed on her holiday t-shirt and even telling people in Zante that she was in fact “Miss Edinburgh”, I think she was eventually more than happy to give up the title.

Some nice little news to report, I got a new job! Which is perfect timing to save up a bit of money for my two London trips next month! It’s another job working in a nightclub but this time it’s waitressing. Not food waitressing but basically waiting hand and foot for the riches that come into the nightclub that are in booths and order hundreds of pounds worth of alcohol. I started last night and the advice I got professionally given was to “flirt a bit and you’ll get more tips“… paid to flirt? sounds like my perfect job! Anyway the only downside is that on a Saturday I have to wear a pink corset and black hot pants… I suppose it might help me get more tips however. My friend works there and she often gets Β£80-Β£100 of tips a night, so I’d probably wear nipple tassles to get that (joking…kind of)

I forgot to say that the other night I went to go and see “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, I was so looking forward to it, my mum had bought me the book and I couldn’t decide whether to read the book or watch the film first… but I just couldn’t resist seeing Daniel Craig on the big screen. We did however get evacuated from the cinema halfway through with a fire alarm but we did get better seats when we got back into the screen! My only critism is that it wasn’t as shocking as I expected, I really need to see the swedish version now…

I also discovered a blog that I just adore! it’s – complete inspiration for me!



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