NYE & Wiping The Slate Clean

Deliberately haven’t posted for a few days as I wanted my first post of 2012 to be something substantial. So yeah, Saturday night was New Years Eve, can’t explain how excited I was and then of course – i get a cold the day before. So that’s another excuse for not posting – I was fighting the female version of man flu. Anyway after 24+ hours of drinking nothing but cups of tea, eating my body weight in fruit and drugging myself up with cold and flu pills, I felt acceptable enough to at  least go out until the bells! We went to this event that was co-organised by a friend of mine and it was held in the Dick Vet in Edinburgh in the dissection room, there were 10 dj’s throughout the night playing chart, techno and dubstep music and there was a drum & base tent outside, I literally can’t explain how mental (but brilliant) this place was, everyone was just completely drunk and throwing themselves around (including myself embarrassingly enough). It became such a riot that ALL emergency services, even the fire brigade were called and the venue was shut at 2.30am… which was fine by me anyway because I was a bit past it and was ready for bed! Anyway, here’s some snaps from the night!…

^ safe to say we did get a bit merry (purposely made the image as small as possible to try and save at least some of my dignity…)

As it’s New Year, and I’ve never really been naive enough to make a list of New Years resolutions; I decided this year to actually make a list of realistic resolutions…

  • keep this blog up and really improve it as much as I can.
  • travel at every opportunity I’m given, if I have any spare money, it’ll go into savings towards one of my trips.
  • GET A JOB that isn’t in a nightclub, I need money to fund all my plans this year!
  • actually go to the gym, a washboard stomach will be ready for AYIA NAPA 2012.
  • learn to drive!
  • take every opportunity that will improve my CV.
  • and lastly but most importantly – take no bullshit, not from friends, guys, people in general.
  • oh and almost forgot, to marry Olly Murs…


Happy New Year Everyone



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