Daydreaming of Lights

Firstly; if you haven’t got a Tumblr blog – you need to go get one now! Whenever I feel like i’ve got no inspiration for anything, i’ll just go on my Tumblr dashboard and re-blog everything that I could possibly love and over around 2 years, I’ve built up an online collection of 3,043 posts. Its great being able to scroll back over the months and years and remind myself of how I felt at particular times through text posts or images. My favourite types of images to post are of Alexa Chung, The Olsen Twins, fashion in general and various types of typography. I derived my blog name (daydreaming of lights) from collecting words from an Ellie Goulding song, and I guess it’s a nice idea – that we all daydream of success and new horizons.

here’s some of my favourite images…

^ so for once this is actually me! everytime I get a new camera, I test it out by taking pictures of myself… and I always get complimented on my lips, I guess its healthy to recognise parts of your body that you like.

possibly one of my favourite Alexa Chung images – the girl can do no wrong.

^ one of my gorgeous best friends Kirsty, can’t explain what a good friend she is, and for some reason I always pick ridiculously good looking friends to have – not fair!

^ the Christopher Kane Galaxy Collection – anything with a galaxy print and i’m in love.

^ a drawing I found of one of my favourite bands and lyrics of one of my favourite songs – Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Will Work

love when you find really natural pictures of celebrities, especially when they happen to be Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson, Ellie Goulding , Jessie J, Katy Perry or Rihanna…

^ one of my favourite sights in Edinburgh, so proud of my home city

^ Myself and Rachel before summer – I remember this being one of those really rare and carefree nights.

^ the image that inspired this blog title

"I had such a shit introduction to fashion." — Alexa Chung

^ this quote always gives me that little piece of faith that i’ll be successful too.

^ myself and one of my other best friends Caroline who is also my flatmate. We are literally the same person in two bodies, forever mistaken as sisters!

^ okay i’ll admit that I was a tad Wills & Kate obsessed this year.

and to finish off – one of my favourite sayings “seize the day”

if you fancy checking out my whole blog it’s



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