Pictures of Me In My Underwear.

Sorry for the misleading title… but I was just interested to see how high my views would go when people saw that title on twitter! There is relevance to underwear in this post however, it’s not just a random weird thought of mine…

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas – for me it was fairly average. Christmas’s for me used to be a massive family event, my cousins used to come up from Oxfordshire and stay with my grandad for a few weeks, and all my cousins and aunties and uncles used to go to my Grandad’s house for Christmas day (all 16 of us), we were all younger as well so it was more exciting. However my family from England emigrated to Australia (still reeling in jealousy), my other family members started to spend Christmas with their other family members and my family started to host Christmas at our house with us 3 and my Grandad because he developed Alzheimers and became pretty incapable. And sadly enough, my Grandad passed away nearly 3 years ago so the past 2 Christmas’s have just been the 3 of us and it’s been pretty hard!

Anyway, I was kind of dreading Christmas this year, didn’t have much to look forward to – I already had had my present for a few months and naturally the atmosphere wasn’t the same anymore. But nevertheless “Santa” was more generous than I anticipated (my mum can never resist treating her lovely daughter)  and we had a lovely meal and I stayed in my onesie all day. It’s just hard reading on facebook and twitter about everyone doing massive family things – but one day i’ll have a big family of my own and i’ll make up for all the lost time!

Present-wise I did get my watch, which I love! My child-like wrists however prevent me from wearing it straight away as I need to get links taken out! Got lovely cosy socks (tradition it seems), lovely bath stuff, a jumper, lots of chocolate (which kind of scraps my healthy eating for the time-being!) and other bits and pieces along with some money which i’m going to use when I go to London!

I’m so excited for Feburary, going to London twice; first time for a couple of days with friends for a birthday so all we’re going to do is drink, shop and stalk the Made In Chelsea cast! We got such an amazing deal on trains, one of the Scottish newspapers is doing an online deal where you can get £10 tickets from Edinburgh to London each way and we booked a Travelodge in Covent Garden for only £52 each! Couldn’t believe it myself, so that leaves plenty more money for cocktails! Going again later on in the month with uni for FASHION WEEK – can’t contain my excitement!

Anyway, today myself and my mummy hit the boxing day sales, I’ve always worked Boxing day at Next so I wanted to actually shop them for once and there was absolutely no point whatsoever! Was so dissapointed in Topshop’s offerings, i only managed to buy; A dressing gown from Next, 2 bra’s from Next, A dress from Internacionale of all places (absolutely love it, i’ll post a picture when I can be bothered getting out of my pyjamas and put it on), and because the dress has a mesh back I can’t wear a bra with it so I had to venture to primark and buy one of those sticky back-less bra things (the most insane contraption)

Mum and I came home, got our jammies on and watched Titanic – it was so emotional! Also got stuck into my Christmas chocolates as well!

Plans for tomorrow is to properly tidy my room instead of shoving my stuff into suitcases and closing them… and… coursework!! Can’t believe I’ve actually got work to do over Christmas, wish me luck!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas again and thanks to everyone who wished me a good one!

Amira xx


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