Christmas Eve!

Woke up this morning with the most horrific hangover after a night out with my friends, somehow didn’t end up getting home until like 6am, didn’t get to sleep until after 8am because I thought it would be fun to watch a documentary on Amish people… My mum awoke at this time and took it as a perfect opportunity to steal hugs and affection from me in my drunken state!

Literally done nothing all day but sat about with my mum watching tv buuuuuut… i managed to order a dress for NYE so hopefully i’ll love it when it arrives and if it arrives in time!

^ It’s from and it was only £34.99 – free delivery as well so if i don’t fancy it, it’s not really a loss! Got a vision of teaming it together with my black chelsea heels and a big silver necklace, some big silver rings and a nice clutch bag – will hopefully find some accessories in the christmas sales!

Anyway, not much left to say so Happy Christmas Eve (despite my lack of christmas spirit) and i’ll most likely write a post tomorrow!

Amira xx


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