My Obsession With LOOKBOOK.NU

I have no idea why I’ve never blogged about lookbook before, it is literally my online fashion bible. Most mornings i’ll open up the page whilst running around my room in a frantic rush to give me inspiration for something to wear and even for nights out and dates (which are always impossible to know how to dress for) The one downfall is how depressed it ultimately makes you due to these girls amazing wardrobes and impossibly gorgeous faces!

For anyone that’s never heard of before – it’s simply a site where people who have an interest in fashion upload photo’s of their outfits and the public (like myself) “hype” (rate) them. It’s a great way to get your face out there in the fashion industry. Maybe one day when I have enough money to have pretty enough clothes and some confidence to put posey photo’s of myself online that i’ll join the crowds, but in the meantime i’ll just build up jealousy from behind my computer screen!

Here’s some of my current favourite looks, this website is just full of inspiration!


^ anything with leopard print, a fur coat, converses and a studded bag has my vote!

^ again leopard print, and anyone that can pull of a pair of clear lense glasses so casually deserves an award of some sort!

^ just posted this ultimately because this girl was so impossibly gorgeous! would kill for hair and legs like that!

^ my two current favourite trends; cable knit and leather

^ one of my favourite things about Lookbook is all the different ways these girls accessorize. most people wouldn’t think about fastening the buttons on a shirt right to the stop and then adding a statement necklace under the collar.

Anyway, I’m off on a night out tonight, it’s looking really good and I’m still in my pyjamas (it’s 6.42pm)… so I better get ready!

Have a lovely friday night.

Amira xx


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