Christmas Holidays In Edinburgh

Considering that my parents bought me an ipad a few months ago as an “early christmas present”, I was warned that presents were going to be very sparse this year!

For my 18th birthday my mum wanted to buy me a nice watch, however I chose an angel wing Swarovski necklace which was gorgeous but I wore once – and that was on my 18th! (which I remember 10% of – whoops!) However, the moral of the story is that my mother is always right, so I’ve asked for a watch this christmas. Nothing expensive however, so I just chose this little beauty from ASOS…

it’s only £25 which is really reasonable and it’s perfect for an extra accessory on a night out or just during the day so I can count down the minutes i’m left in a lecture for!

I went into Edinburgh yesterday and met a friend who came though from Glasgow so I showed him around my lovely city and all the Christmassy stuff! The german markets are so gorgeous with all the smells and handmade gifts. I wore my new leopard print fur headband so I just felt so cosy all day! It’s completely impossible to not fall in love with Edinburgh at Christmas, we went into literally every shop on Princes Street trying to buy gifts, up to Edinburgh Castle to look at the views and the Museum to look at all the pretty animals!

I also went into Topshop 3 times trying and failing to find anything to wear on New Years Eve – at this rate I’m not going to end up going if I can’t find anything!!

I did manage to buy my mum a few lovely things though; a dressing gown, a bee-gee’s album, a big selection of flavoured hot chocolate and a coaster which says “omg my mother was right all along!” (just something to boost her ego).

Anyway, today I went into my mum’s school to help out, I helped out the other day and the kids are so adorable! Anything they say just puts an instant smile on your face however I get asked around 10 times a day if I have a boyfriend and through gritted teeth I have to reply “no, no I do not have a boyfriend”. My age also seems to differ from day to day, from 15 the other day to being 32 today… my mum’s pretty happy though considering her age has been guesstimated at 24! My highlight of the day however was a small boy running around the classroom shouting “I’m sexy and I know it”, I would be the worst teacher ever, I just can’t help smiling at them whatever they do and it’s definitely highlighting the fact that i’m going to be a pushover mum when I have children!

I recieved this card from Caroline today and enclosed was a little friendship  plaque thing, it was so sweet and really made me smile especially since I love getting nice mail and we hadn’t even agreed to do cards or presents. Certainly lifted my mood, just can’t wait to get back to Aberdeen now!

and I also forgot to mention that my mum bought me a tiny real christmas tree ready for  me to come home to – it’s so adorable! I feel so bad because I’m being such a scrooge this year and not buying anyone anything! So unlike me!

Tonight I’m just going to be chilling with Kirsty, I bought “No Strings Attached” today so we’ll just curl up with a mountain of food and no doubt complain the whole way through about how useless guys are! Got a night out planned for tomorrow night too, so no doubt  we’ll get buzzing about that!

Amira xx



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