My Recent Purchases

So naturally it being the month when i’m at home for half of it, I have more money to spend on treating myself rather than boring things like bread and bin bags, so I thought I’d share a few of my recent purchases. I was going to show you them all, but it’s midnight (on the dot) and i’m pretty sleepy and I just want to snuggle up in bed with a film!

^ Now I never ever ever sit and take photos of myself, so this took a lot for me to upload this! haha. I bought this headband today from River Island in the sale which was reduced from £13-£3! Complete bargain and after seeing Louise from Made In Chelsea wearing a black fur hat, I was on the lookout for one and it’s a plus that it’s leopard print!

^ So this t-shirt has a story and a half! In River Island a few weeks ago I saw this top and fell in love with it, they only had one size left (which was mine) but I didn’t have enough money for it. So last week I went back in and seen it again, but it had been marked down to half price from £15-£7.50 because of a tiny hole in the seam which my mum can easily sew up so I couldn’t walk away from it! I just love everything about it, it’s so easy to wear!

^ So I was supposed to shopping for my mum’s christmas present however I treated myself to this instead, its a foundation + primer from Soap & Glory and it’s £11 which is pretty reasonable. Its really lovely on, gives a really nice dewy glow!

^ So I bought this “contraption” from the Miss Selfridge sale (as you can tell – I love a bargain, they usually give me the opportunity to buy something I wouldnt normally buy at full price). It was only like £3-something and I absolutely adore it!

And in this photo ^ you can see my lovely new manicure, can’t stop staring at my hands – was a nice little treat after I handed in my magazine coursework!

And I got some coursework back today – got a B for my advertising report so I’m pretty chuffed! So many lovely plans this week to look forward to, but I’ll try to update this with all my holiday chat!

Until next time, Amira xx


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