Topshop’s New Stock, Goodbye Bank Balance.

I found a dress from Rare @ Topshop that was so gorgeous that I genuinely even had dreams about it! (it’s times like this that you know that fashion was the right career path for you!) however… it’s now out of stock! Therefore I’ve been religiously on the Topshop website around 5 times a day in the hope that it comes back in, so it can’t be helped that I’m just teasing myself with all the gorgeous clothes gracing my computer screen! So here is ANOTHER Topshop wish list, anyone willing to contribute to my shopping addiction are very welcome to!…

^ My “loss”, it was going to be so perfect for New Years Eve, had visions of it teamed with a big chunky silver or gold necklace, big rings and my nude Kurt Geiger shoes! I’m going to have to start a search party… and it’s £45 if anyone is wondering!

^ Absolutely love this aztec vest! it’s only £18 and it would be perfect just to shove over a pair of leggings and it would also just be perfect for summer with some turquoise accessories and a pair of ripped demin shorts! Summer isn’t coming fast enough!

^ This top is from the Boutique range at Topshop, it’s £28 which is pretty reasonable considering how expensive some of the other Boutique items are! Just the perfect top to throw over a pair of leather leggings with a bobble hat and a pair of pumps. As you can probably guess, I usually like clothes that are easy to wear with many things. It’s a case of “shove on and go” with me!

^ If I was ever asked to design my ideal t-shirt, this would be it! I’m obsessed with anything with a galaxy print on it, however I own nothing of the sort. Anything that usually does is far too overpriced for my student budget! It’s only £22 which is an absolute bargain and it’s another “shove on and go” item. Early mornings at uni aren’t accommodating for great outfits so you just have to work around it I guess!

If you’re into galaxy print as well, there’s an AMAZING website/online bible called Its based in Australia and they are just insane, they do leotards and leggings in any print imaginable!

^ Another find from a designer from Topshop, anything that relates to New York and involving this print cannot be bypassed! And it’s a warm jumper, no one can have too many of those at this time of year! From Illustrated People @ Topshop for £40.

Anyway, I’m not long up and I’ve got a date with Nando’s and my friends so I’m going to try and take photos for my next blog post but if i run out of time, have a lovely Sunday!

Amira xx


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