My Magazine

Thought I’d give just a sneak peak of what’s been keeping me in my bedroom and stressing me out for the past few weeks, I’m really pleased with it, it’s another uni project that showed me exactly what I can do if I put my mind to it. Now just to bare in mind… I did EVERYTHING except take the photos for the product page, so please don’t be too harsh! Enjoy! xx

Front Cover

Editors Letter

Article Page 1

Article Page 2

Fashion Shoot on Statement Style – featuring the gorgeous Morven MacSween

Fashion Shoot page 2 with the gorgeous Kate Stephen!

Fashion Shoot Page 3 – With Mikey Bailey as well!

Fashion Shoot Page 4 – Morven MacSween & Kate Stephen

Fashion Shoot Page 5 – possibly my favourite image!

Fashion Shoot Page 6

Product Page – so tempting not to buy all of these shoes!

Just a random piece of typeography!

And again, from the front cover.

Little zoom in of my article which is on disposable fashion!

And a zoom in of my Fashion Shoot heading!

Major credit needs to go to all the models, Tom Joy for his photography skills and Piffanie Craig for hair and make-up!



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