One Day

So I FINALLY finished my book “One Day” by David Nicholls, which was recently made into a film starring Anne Hathaway.

all i’m going to say about this book was that  it was amazing, don’t worry, i’m not going to do some dreary book review! The fact that it was partly set in Edinburgh just made it even easier to read, especially considering I often get homesick from the beautiful city! I vowed not to watch the film until I read the book so now my task in the Christmas holidays is to watch and most likely cry over it! I did not expect the twist!

Anyway, since I’ve had such a hectic week finalising this magazine, I am finally FINISHED! So therefore I treated myself to a day off yesterday! Started off my day getting a peppermint hot chocolate (completely addicted!) and a blueberry muffin from Starbucks so that got me in the Christmas spirit, walking down union street with all the Christmas lights, wrapped up warm in my fur jacket drinking out of my red Christmas cup! I did a bit of PR’ing around the shops with Callum and Gregg and then myself and Callum treated ourselves to a McDonalds and then I wandered around the shops and had some retail therapy! Bought my mum a Christmas present but I won’t say what it is here in case she reads this and spoils the surprise! Also treated myself to a pair of floaty shorts from H&M but i’m scared that I’d put on a bit of student weight and they look too small on me, so I’m going to go and try on a bigger size! Also treated myself to these amazing glitter tights from New Look (using the student discount of course!), they’ll be perfect for the party season to glitz up my outfits a bit! Here’s the link since New Look are so stupid that you can’t save photos from their website!

I also bought rings from H&M but they’re not featured on the website!

I went home and watched the X Factor final, so so so so so so pleased that Little Mix went through, if they don’t win then it’s a complete fix! So excited to watch the final tonight!

Then I worked last night at Candybox, I wore my santa dress that I was so excited to wear in ages, I bought it from Primark for £7, total bargain! I then traded a boy 2 bags of sweets for a santa hat so I managed to complete my outfit! Wearing it out on tuesday for the staff night out as well!

So make sure you vote for little mix and I hope that everyone’s had a lovely weekend! xx


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