My Public Apology

okay, i’m sorry for neglecting my blog… but my excuse is definitely valid if you see how much coursework I have at the moment, I don’t even have enough time for a food shop and don’t even remind me when my last night out was… I can’t even remember that far back!

Basically we’ve got to create a magazine for uni, and it consists of a billion pages, i genuinely enjoy doing it but we’ve got presentations and reports for other modules here, there and everywhere and mixed together with trying to get in the mood for Christmas it’s all a bit too much!

I managed to print off a couple of pages today, so here’s a little sneak peak if you’re interested!

I haven’t even had enough time to shop… the only vague association i’ve had with the fashion world is looking up stores online to produce parts of my magazine, although it did give me a chance to look up my new favourite trend which is glitter! here are some of my favourite picks…

^ Dorothy Perkins £34.99

^ Topshop £100

^ Miss Selfridge £39

^ Topshop £35

Also it was a good job I impulse bought that metallic nail varnish as I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore, was clearly an instant seller! Another rant about my coursework, but I can’t even find time to paint my nails… However I’m getting my nails done when I go home for Christmas with my friends, the woman that does them is amazing, thinking of getting the crushed pearl tips which are only £20 and they last for weeks!…

here are some of her lovely designs…

Anyway, I just applied for a job at Peckhams in Union Square so hopefully i’ll get invited back for an interview! and… now I really need to get back to my uni work!

Amira xx


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