My Weekend In Edinburgh!

After such a stressful week, there is no better cure than a trip back home to see all the girls!

As soon as I got home, Kirsty picked me up straight away and we went to our favourite place in the world Luca’s, this really cute little ice cream parlour in town and we got the usual Banoffee Pie (for me) and Pancakes and syrup (for Kirsty) and had the biggest catch up. Rachel works there as well so we enjoy getting some freebees and we hitched her a lift home. Came home and caught up on the last episode of The Only Way Is Essex – not going to lie, was a bit emotional!

On Friday I went up town (centre of Edinburgh) with Rachel and we met Jemma there, I got the most amazing fur jacket out of Topshop (where else?!), I’ve literally fallen head over heels in love with it…

& it was reduced from £89 – £59 so I just couldn’t resist!

So anyway, we went into Mac and watched Rachel spend a small fortune and then I met up with a friend for coffee and went to buy a bottle of wine for that night.

The girls came round to mine for some cocktails and wine and we went up town to Cav – one of my least favourite clubs but apparently the whole of Edinburgh goes there on a Friday night now so we tried it out and it was such a good night! I wore a pleated leather skirt (Primarni’s finest), a strapless black body, my new favourite heels from Next, my new stable accessory – my silver crucifix necklace! and my new coat of course!

 ^ Joanne, Katie, myself and Jemma

Saturday I woke up with a hangover that felt like someone was crushing weights down on my skull, but a shopping trip with my mum and a coffee soon got me back to feeling human!

Got my hair cut in the afternoon as well after not having it cut since JANUARY… and the outcome wasnt too bad – I had to have quite a bit taken off though since it was in such bad condition so i’m just mourning the loss of a few inches…

Saturday evening (last night) was the nicest night I’ve had in ages, myself and the girls went to this gorgeous Italian restaurant on George Street called Gusto’s. I started the night off with a Raspberry Mintini which was gorgeous (which I was hoping it would be since it almost bankrupt me!). For anyone that knows me, they’d tell you I was the fussiest eater in the world so I ventured out of my comfort zone and ordered Spaghetti Bolognese (shock horror!) and for starters I had these really cute dough petals that you dip in garlic butter. After a few strawberry Daiquiri’s and Rose’s, we decided to head to the most amazing place in Edinburgh – Le Monde..

Oh almost forgot to document what I was wearing (was getting to over-excited about the food!)..

I wore  a sheer, dusky pink shirt that I tucked into leather look leggings with my crucifix necklace (told you I was addicted!), my black chelsea boots and my fur coat naturally!

here’s a link to the boots because It won’t let me save a photo and they’re too pretty to ignore!

 Anyway so we went to La Monde and had the biggest glasses of wine in the world – not that i’m complaining. As I get more and more into this blog, you’ll soon realise that I’m just a complete addict for a glass of rose…

Megan and Jemma left and myself Kirsty and Rachel weren’t too fussed about going out after but we went past the club Shanghai and we knew the bouncer so he let us in for free, we didn’t have any drinks – we just danced and talked to random french guys – one of which offered me a fashion job in Paris… so watch this space in case I elope off to the fashion capital with a french-man on my arm…

Spend the whole of today asleep/catching up on last night’s X Factor and skyping to my Libyan cousins who have been dying to see me for months however do not speak a word of English so that was interesting! I’m getting the bus back up to Aberdeen at 7.30 so it’s back to reality and coursework!

I also managed to get hold of the magnetic nail varnish and it looks amazing so I’ll upload a photo when I’m back in the ‘Deen!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Amira xx


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