Window Shopping…

actually so insanely skint at the moment so I have no option but to window shop, just because I only have enough money to eat, it doesn’t mean I should have to abandon fashion completely. So I have no option but to post everything i’m craving at the moment!…

^ absolutely fallen in love with this jumper (Topshop £26), got a fireworks party tomorrow night so I’m going to go and buy this tomorrow, team up up with some leggings, wedges and a bobble hat for when we’re outside!

^ can’t decide whether I would like the black or leopard print (below) chelsea boots (Topshop), but I guess black would go better with everything, sometimes leopard print is a bit too brash… and at £36 it wouldn’t be too hard to afford both!

^ another leopard print item I’ve fallen for is this bag from Miss Selfridge. You can never have too many big bags, especially when it comes to carrying all my uni stuff!

^ this top from Miss Selfridge (£20) is just perfect for dressing up or dressing down, it’s just such a easy item to throw on and you can never have too many white tops since they go with everything! Fallen in love with the cute button detail down the back as well!

also found the perfect pair of party shorts! absolutely fell in love with them when I saw them, they just look so luxurious and generally gorgeous! (Warehouse)

I’ll stop while I’m ahead otherwise this post will be a thousand pages long and I’ll make myself increasingly depressed!

Amira xx


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