Vogue India

Just read an article online on The Guardian about how Vogue India has cause controversy by creating a “tasteless” photo shoot based on war scenes…

The shoot has been dismissed as being offensive due to the fact that the shoot that obviously included designer items such as a Burberry umbrella in a poverty zone, a place stricken by the horror of war.

It just brings up the issue of what is acceptable and what is offensive when it comes to Fashion. Years ago the thought of sex being something so highly publicized was just scandalous, but these days every corner that you turn, every channel you flick onto and every magazine page you turn you are faced with sexual and provocative images. It’s just the norm. Another issue that causes a lot of controversy is the idea of using child models caked in make-up and posing in skimpy emsembles.

Personally whether this is  a controversial view or not, but I just see fashion as art, and if there are lines to be crossed to create a talking point around fashion and to keep it risque and fresh. If there were to be shoot after shoot of the same old fashion then it wouldn’t be “fashion” in the sense of something that is up to date and relevant. If these lines were never crossed then we may not have the same acceptable attitudes as we have today, there has always been things that have broken boundaries. Obviously there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed e.g. Child Pornography and at the end of the day there will always be people who have their own opinion and i’m just voicing mine!

here’s some photo’s of the “controversial” shoot if anyone was interested! xx

“A man modeled a Burberry umbrella in Vogue that costs about $200. Some 456 million Indians live on less than $1.25 a day” – The New York Times

“In Vogue India magazine, a child from a poor family modeled a Fendi bib, which costs about $100.” – The New York Times

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