O’ Sweet Child of Mine…

After watching X Factor last night (like i do every saturday night, curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea), i was inspired to write a post on Rock N’ Roll fashion considering that last nights theme was rock week!

The fact that the X Factor nowadays is such a global phenomenon, it isn’t surprising that the outfits worn on the show influences a lot of fashion trends that young people soon pioneer.  A great example of this is the band Rythmix who have a very bold, boyish, loud, mix-matched style – there was a whole double spread dedicated to this style they had influenced in Look magazine, showing readers how they could create the same kind of look using mens clothing.

 I often follow peoples reactions on twitter to programmes like the X Factor so it was amazing to see Henry Holland tweet about hoping that the House of Holland star tights featured on one of the girls wasn’t actually a Topshop rip off, but the real deal…

All the acts were styled to have big hair and big make up, my personal favourite in the competition is Janet Devlin however it physically hurts to see her with red hair in the live shows, she suited it so much better blonde!

I had work last night and was influenced to sport a rockier outfit than usual so i wore a one shouldered black dress teamed with a Primarni black and white skull Alexander McQueen-esk scarf (i’ll buy the real deal when I rake in the big bucks) with my trusty black leather aviator jacket, thick tights since it’s so cold these days and I had my friends amazing sparkly black boots in my wardrobe so I couldn’t resist giving them a little outing. (if you read this – sorrry Rachel!)

Work was pretty average last night, got far too stressed out for my health though!

Amira x



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