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My Style Today - 29/10/11


After watching X Factor last night (like i do every saturday night, curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea), i was inspired to write a post on Rock N’ Roll fashion considering that last nights theme was rock week!

The fact that the X Factor nowadays is such a global phenomenon, it isn’t surprising that the outfits worn on the show influences a lot of fashion trends that young people soon pioneer.  A great example of this is the band Rythmix who have a very bold, boyish, loud, mix-matched style – there was a whole double spread dedicated to this style they had influenced in Look magazine, showing readers how they could create the same kind of look using mens clothing.

 I often follow peoples reactions on twitter to programmes like the X Factor so it was amazing to see Henry Holland tweet about hoping that the House of Holland star tights featured on one of the girls wasn’t actually a Topshop rip off, but the real deal…

All the acts were styled to have big hair and big make up, my personal favourite in the competition is Janet Devlin however it physically hurts to see her with red hair in the live shows, she suited it so much better blonde!

I had work last night and was influenced to sport a rockier outfit than usual so i wore a one shouldered black dress teamed with a Primarni black and white skull Alexander McQueen-esk scarf (i’ll buy the real deal when I rake in the big bucks) with my trusty black leather aviator jacket, thick tights since it’s so cold these days and I had my friends amazing sparkly black boots in my wardrobe so I couldn’t resist giving them a little outing. (if you read this – sorrry Rachel!)

Work was pretty average last night, got far too stressed out for my health though!

Amira x


so here goes my first proper post, no idea why i’m nervous because i’ve been blogging for around 2 years now… (my personal blog is day-dreaming of lights if you fancy checking it out!)

Yesterday was our group fashion shoot for our course fashion magazine at Tiger Tiger nightclub in Aberdeen, just needed to write a post about it because i’m still amazed at our ability to pull off such an amazing shoot! we drew inspiration from a shoot in Instyle magazine  which consisted of various celebrities clad in luxurious materials, statement prints teamed with big hair and bold make-up whilst throwing themselves around in an exclusive looking location in a fun and casual fashion. Our first instinct for location was Tiger Tiger nightclub in Aberdeen so we contacted them and managed to secure the whole ground floor including VIP for the whole afternoon which was amazing in itself!

We secured 5 models who were friends/friends of friends (3 female, 2 male) and we managed to get 2 first year students (1 male, one female) who volunteered to help us out. the female first year was actually a professional model and she was just amazing, her previous work has included ASOS, Stella McCartney for Adidas and Look magazine so it was great having her as part of the shoot, but on the other hand she looked better in our clothes than we did so it was hard to watch her be so beautiful!

We also managed to get the help of a make-up artist called Piffanie who was brilliant, she also helped out with a few of the girls hair, the only downside to having her help was the fact that it took ages to make-up each model but the end result was amazing so it was more of a help than a hinder!

Not forgetting Tom Joy who took our photos for us, he’s a good friend of ours and an amazing photographer so there was no utter of a question about who would take the shoot, especially considering that he’s done a few shoots for us before! check out his website

absolutely thrilled with how well the shoot turned out, when the photos are edited i’ll post a few up and explain them, just thought i’d give you a bit of a teaser!

Amira xx

This blog is set out to portray raw style, style that may not neccessarily be in the current fashion but style that comes from real people in their everyday lives that inject their personality into what they wear. Fashion shouldn’t be something that is dictated, but something that is interpreted and creative and this blog is going to highlight that.

Posts will include random insights into my everyday life and fashion finds and more importantly into managing your budget when it comes to creating exciting looks because at the end of the day;

“Fashion can be bought. But style one must possess”

Now a little bit about me;

My name is Amira Mersit, currently 19 and studying a BA degree in Fashion Mangement at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, originally from Edinburgh but after 18 years I needed to broaden my horizons. I would consider myself to be socialable due to the fact that I work within the nightlife industry and are particial to the odd vodka & red bull but being an only child, I need my space so you an often find me in bed reading a book or online & listening to music.

give my personal blog a look if you wish to find out more;