So I haven’t written in aggggges; my only excuses are that i’ve been working and partying too much! I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about either of my London trips yet…

So I went to London a couple of weeks ago with 6 of my friends for a couple of nights, we stayed in Covent Garden – just a whirlwind of shopping and drinking… so i cant complain! Here’s some pictures to save me going on a massive ramble of what we did… (disposable cameras were used – my new love!)



^ wine… of course!



^ just drinking on the tube as you do


^ my new addiction!

So there’s a little taste what happened on LDN#1, since i’d come back I received my grades for my first semester work, i did well with an overall A,B and C and particularly pleased with my magazine receiving a percentage of 89% when 70% is an A… so all the effort was worth it! This blog was also graded very well with an encouragement note for me to keep it up… so here i am!

ALSO very exciting news; i got offered a place to go and study abroad in Canada in 3rd year! Very pleased to say the least and naturally I accepted the offer!

So I went back to London again on Wednesday with my uni course, there were 60 of us so it was pretty hectic! We pretty much did the same as last time, bit of sight seeing, drinking, shopping… made far too many purchases this time though! We did go to London Fashion Weekend as well which was at the gorgeous Somerset House, I didn’t buy anything although I got my hair done at Toni and Guy and got my hair into a middle parting finally!ImageImageImageImage

^ Just some of my recent purchases!

Anyway here’s some pictures from my recent visit… 


I’ve got to run off to work now, have a lovely weekend! xx


Haven’t blogged in a while…my life hasn’t quite been exciting enough! It can only be described in 3 words; sleeping, eating and working – not exactly thrilling! However work on Saturday night wasn’t too bad as I managed to sell a bottle of Cristal champagne (£300) and then my boss let me drink some with the guys as well as some Dom Perignon champagne (£145)… it had to be downed out the bottle though so that my other colleagues didn’t catch me. I’m never going to say I hate my job again!

Today was my first day back at uni and I gathered 2 pieces of good news;

+ I got a B (3 marks off an A!!) for my retail coursework. I got an A for the other part of the module so no doubt going to get a B overall!

+ ANDD… myself and Caroline were held behind our lecture today for our tutor to tell us that she had chose us personally to take on board a styling job for a local magazine in Aberdeen called Trend. Just makes such a difference when you get chosen to do something like this, makes you feel like all your efforts are really going to go towards something! Not 100% sure of all the details, no doubt I’ll blog with excitement when I gather them!

click here if you fancy a sneak  peek at the magazine online!

We also got emailled about the opportunity to style another shoot for the newspaper we worked with in November however we’ll be in Edinburgh and en-route London so we had to regretfully pass on the offer!

I’ve got so many plans this week;

+ Uni tomorrow and most likely the gym (ugh)

+ Wednesday – Seeing “The Decendants”, going for a Pizza Express and then going to a vintage pop-up shop which’ll have drinks and a dj and then work…

+ Thursday I’m going out to my favourite club night ever to let go of a bit of steam

+ and then working and packing until Sunday when I’m having a meal at home with the Edinburgh girls!

Click here for the website of the online vintage store, it’s called Haggard Case and it’s an Aberdonian brand so check it out!


Life is really exciting at the moment, so many things to look forward to!

The only problem is finding stuff to wear to London! Having major panic attacks here… however I’m sure Topshop Oxford Street will help us out!

Unless anything exciting happens, my next blog post may not be until after London, so be prepared for an essay! Have a good week!


Doing my daily scroll of ASOS; I noticed that everything that I happened to LOVE was from the ASOS Collection… so here’s a nice short little post of pictures of things that I love and potentially a shopping list for anyone that wishes to treat me (i’m a size 8, just to save anyone asking!)…

SO tempted to buy this dress for one of my London trips…


Right, I’ve had enough of this “winter” crap. I’ve decided that it’s officially Spring now. If you’re one of those people who worship winter and all the repulsive snow and irritable inconviences then i’d advice you to close this internet page, go outside and head towards a place that’ll provide you with therapy to help with your problem.

Summer trends are always irresistible to me; aztec prints, coloured demin, beaded jewellery, pastels, sunglasses in general, floaty sundresses, fringed leather… I think i’m a bit of a hippy deep down!

Therefore if you see me parading around in demin shorts and sunglasses – just don’t question it and leave me to be blissfully happy.

Here’s my favourite picks of the spring/summer ranges that are creeping onto the high street…

Nude Day-bag – Topshop

Everyone needs a bag like this for spring – something big enough to carry a cardigan and umbrella in in case it gets cold and rainy (most likely), the strap can allow it to be carried in various ways and nude leather virtually goes with everything.

Sunglasses – Topshop

Sunglasses are undoubtably my S/S downfall. I’m admittedly one of those girls wearing sunglasses you’ll point out in the street on a cloudy day and smirk at their idiocy. Once the sun comes out, they’re stuck to my face until snowflakes start to fall! These sunglasses are almost identical to a pair of retro ones I always steal off my mum every summer… so maybe I should invest in my own…

Aqua High-Waisted Jeans – Topshop

I can’t deny that i’m completely and utterly in love with these jeans. I can definitely predict that aqua will be the colour that’ll bankrupt me this S/S and I completely adore that they’re high waisted as well, nothing would be cuter than throwing a pair of these and tucking in a baggy white vest top.

Aqua Lace Dress – River Island

I can just picture myself in this dress with an amazing tan and glowing and just feeling utterly, blissfully happy. This dress is literally one of those “wear anywhere” dresses; during the day with a pair of brogues and a demin jacket, out for dinner with a pair of nude wedges and on a night out with  stacks of rings and bracelets and chunky heels. Definitely a summer investment!

MTV Tee – River Island

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not going to abandon my darker side and prance around in florals and pastels, absolutely love this top. Easily can be worn with leather leggings or with a black body con skirt and chunky heels on a night out.

And now… I’m not going to lie – i’m pretty sleepy and it’s 3.23am… So I’m not going to tease myself anymore and online window-shop!


Considering that I haven’t written in over a week… I should really stick to my resolution and write something; I really haven’t done much since I last posted. I started my job properly, it’s been pretty good so far but since everyone is penny-less after the Christmas period, the club has been completely dead so most nights I’ve been sent home early which hasn’t been too bad! The owner of the club was in last night, this was the first time I had met him, and being me… I knocked his bottle of Grey Goose vodka over. Absolutely horrified doesn’t cover it! The bad thing however about working in a nightclub is that after your shift (which usually ends at like 3/4am) you are craving chips! The “establishment” that is on my way home also do poppadoms and mango chutney which is my downfall so it’s just impossible to refuse! My unhealthy eating also leads on to the fact that I’ve started back up at the gym again… “starting back up” basically meaning that I went two days in a row after not going for around 6 months, overworked and injured myself. I’m not joking; walking and sleeping are painful activities and working in a job where you have to wear heels 3 nights a week completely sober really doesn’t help!

On a much brighter note however, I did treat myself to a pair of new shoes. I used the excuse to myself that I have a new job and I need a new pair of shoes to wear to my new job… but we’ve all made excuses like that before ourselves so don’t judge me! A few of my friends have pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I’m insanely jealous, however my budget doesn’t stretch to £100+ & overseas delivery from America, so I opted for a pair of copies from Missguided. They were only £40.99 plus £3.95 for delivery and I sneakily Googled for a 10% off code so I basically got the delivery free!

However, I missed the delivery at the flat on Thursday, had to wait until Saturday to pick them up from the Post Office, they weren’t even there yet – so now I have to wait until Monday. Total nightmare! 

On a sadder note, a family friend passed away earlier this week. He was a neighbour that lived next door with his wife and they used to look after their grandaughter during the week so I began to babysit her from time to time. Anyway we were really close and the couple even took me on holiday, they moved away and the woman died a couple of years ago which wasn’t a nice way to spend the period around my eighteenth birthday and that’s now her husband passed away the other day. I can’t travel down for the funeral because of work so its a pretty shitty time!

And another rubbishy note is that I’m not able to travel home for one of my best friends 21st next weekend because of work! Think I need to put on some crocodile tears for the boss!

Also need to post about my new obsession, Lana Del Rey. The girl is absolutely, completely gorgeous and has such an amazing voice, but I can’t deny that it took me a few listens to get into her! She describes herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” which typically isn’t my genre but she’s just irresistible.

Hope everyone’s had a good weekend


So… I’ve got a report to do for Monday that i’m about 50% of the way through and an exam on Wednesday which i have absolutely no clue about whatsoever (no exaggeration) so when’s a better time than now to write a pointless blog post about my life? A post that only potential stalkers will be interested in… (however a lot of drunken people do admit/let it slip to me that they look up my blog in the form of “so did you get that watch then?” , “how did you know about the watch?” , oh…”)

So since New Years Eve I haven’t done a lot, well unless you call sitting around my my pyjamas watching daytime TV fascinating…

I went out on Tuesday night however, battling through the winds of Hurricane Bawbag II (you’ll learn if you haven’t already that nothing stops me from going on a night out). My friends and I went to our “local” nightclub in the sense being that we religiously used to go every Tuesday at every opportunity possible since we turned 18.

 One of my best friends Kirsty was even voted “Miss Enigma” of the club night which meant that she was a promotional model for the club night, got in free every week and got all the perks (which always included us naturally…). Anyway, I kind of ruined the whole experience for her by slagging her rotten about it; getting drunk and requesting songs for her and getting the DJ to shout out “Miss Enigma”, getting drunk and getting the whole club to sing Happy Birthday to “Miss Enigma”, getting “Miss Enigma” printed on her holiday t-shirt and even telling people in Zante that she was in fact “Miss Edinburgh”, I think she was eventually more than happy to give up the title.

Some nice little news to report, I got a new job! Which is perfect timing to save up a bit of money for my two London trips next month! It’s another job working in a nightclub but this time it’s waitressing. Not food waitressing but basically waiting hand and foot for the riches that come into the nightclub that are in booths and order hundreds of pounds worth of alcohol. I started last night and the advice I got professionally given was to “flirt a bit and you’ll get more tips“… paid to flirt? sounds like my perfect job! Anyway the only downside is that on a Saturday I have to wear a pink corset and black hot pants… I suppose it might help me get more tips however. My friend works there and she often gets £80-£100 of tips a night, so I’d probably wear nipple tassles to get that (joking…kind of)

I forgot to say that the other night I went to go and see “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, I was so looking forward to it, my mum had bought me the book and I couldn’t decide whether to read the book or watch the film first… but I just couldn’t resist seeing Daniel Craig on the big screen. We did however get evacuated from the cinema halfway through with a fire alarm but we did get better seats when we got back into the screen! My only critism is that it wasn’t as shocking as I expected, I really need to see the swedish version now…

I also discovered a blog that I just adore! it’s – complete inspiration for me!


Deliberately haven’t posted for a few days as I wanted my first post of 2012 to be something substantial. So yeah, Saturday night was New Years Eve, can’t explain how excited I was and then of course – i get a cold the day before. So that’s another excuse for not posting – I was fighting the female version of man flu. Anyway after 24+ hours of drinking nothing but cups of tea, eating my body weight in fruit and drugging myself up with cold and flu pills, I felt acceptable enough to at  least go out until the bells! We went to this event that was co-organised by a friend of mine and it was held in the Dick Vet in Edinburgh in the dissection room, there were 10 dj’s throughout the night playing chart, techno and dubstep music and there was a drum & base tent outside, I literally can’t explain how mental (but brilliant) this place was, everyone was just completely drunk and throwing themselves around (including myself embarrassingly enough). It became such a riot that ALL emergency services, even the fire brigade were called and the venue was shut at 2.30am… which was fine by me anyway because I was a bit past it and was ready for bed! Anyway, here’s some snaps from the night!…

^ safe to say we did get a bit merry (purposely made the image as small as possible to try and save at least some of my dignity…)

As it’s New Year, and I’ve never really been naive enough to make a list of New Years resolutions; I decided this year to actually make a list of realistic resolutions…

  • keep this blog up and really improve it as much as I can.
  • travel at every opportunity I’m given, if I have any spare money, it’ll go into savings towards one of my trips.
  • GET A JOB that isn’t in a nightclub, I need money to fund all my plans this year!
  • actually go to the gym, a washboard stomach will be ready for AYIA NAPA 2012.
  • learn to drive!
  • take every opportunity that will improve my CV.
  • and lastly but most importantly – take no bullshit, not from friends, guys, people in general.
  • oh and almost forgot, to marry Olly Murs…


Happy New Year Everyone